Unique Baby Massage and Well-being Classes To Nurture Both Mum and Baby

Hello Amazing Mummies of Oxfordshire

Baby massage is a beautiful way to connect and bond with your baby. Join one of our MumLovesBaby massage classes where you can learn the skills needed to massage your little one and take care of yourself.

Oxfordshire based MumLovesBaby classes are perfect for any new mum and baby but we also aim to reach out and support those mums who are finding the transition into motherhood harder than they expected.

Can you relate...?
  • Are you an isolated mum or mum to be?
  • Do you worry that you’re making the wrong decisions?
  • Do you get confused about all the conflicting parenting advice available?
  • Are you struggling to enjoy being a mum?

MumLovesBaby values mum as much as baby. We know what it feels like to find parenting an overwhelming and exhausting experience. We also know that you have the power and strength within you to be an amazing parent; we can show you how.

MumLovesBaby Massage Class Benefits;
  • Relaxes both you and baby
  • Helps to ease colic, constipation and other digestion problems
  • Improves your baby’s immunity
  • Gives you a tool to settle and soothe your baby leading to a more restful sleep
  • Provides a relief from teething
  • Stimulates sensory awareness
  • Supports your baby’s physical development, including muscle tone and flexibility
  • Promotes the bond between you both
  • Enables you to get to know your baby even better
  • Helps you to respond to your baby’s cues and meet their needs
  • Increase your confidence, get support, and expand your support network
  • Tools and techniques to remain calm and contented
  • Self-care tips for busy and tired mums

MumLovesBaby provides a variety of services in addition to baby massage including peer support groups, 1-2-1 private sessions, group parties, family workshops and a professional baby-sitting service in the Oxfordshire area.

A good mum isn’t a perfect mum, instead, a good mum is confident, informed and supported. MumLovesBaby is here to help you be the most perfect, imperfect parent you can be and to love every moment of it.

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