Unique Baby Massage and Well-being Classes To Nurture Both Mum and Baby

Benefits of baby massage include:

Relief – Baby massage can help to offer relief from the discomfort of digestive pain caused by wind or constipation. It can also be used to soothe teething pain and help relieve nasal and chest congestion if the baby has a cold.

Relaxation – When you massage your baby, both of your bodies produce lovely “feel good” hormones which can help you both to relax. A more relaxed baby is likely to feed and sleep better.

Development – Baby massage can help to mature the nervous system and strengthen bones and joints. It stimulates and supports your baby’s physical, emotional and social development.

Bonding – Oxytocin “the nurturing, love hormone” is produced when you massage your baby which helps to encourage and develop bonds between you and your baby.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to the class?
When you come to your first class all that you need is yourself, your baby and the normal things that you’d take out (nappies, wipes, blanket a bottle if needed etc.). You’ll be sitting on the floor, chair or cushion so make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.

At what age can my baby start the course?
Babies from 8 weeks to crawling, however, if a parent wishes to attend beforehand and needing support then they are most welcome to attend and watch the massage and then apply at home straight away. There is also many other elements to the class beneficial to new mums talking part in like the self-care tips, discussions and play development.

What type of oil will you use & why?
We use organic sunflower oil it's very safe for your baby even if they get it in their eyes or mouth, it’s also packed full of nutrients and deeply nourishes baby skin.
At the first class, you will receive a 50ml bottle if you need to top up after that you can purchase from me at £2 per 50ml bottle.

What do I do if my baby needs feeding?
The class is a relaxed and informal environment and everyone is encouraged to do whatever they need to do for their babies. If you need to feed (either breast or bottle) then just go ahead. There will be facilities for warming bottles, and a comfortable place for you sit whilst you feed your baby. If you wish to do this in private then there is a nursery you can use. In class you will learn the massage strokes so that you can practice them at home, there are plenty of opportunities to review all strokes during future weeks so just use the time to watch and relax! Once you have finished feeding it’s best to avoid massaging your baby’s tummy for a while but everything else is fine.

What if my baby is asleep or falls asleep during the class?
That’s fine! You can use one of our demonstration dolls for practice, or just sit back, relax and observe for a while. We recap all strokes learnt during the session in the following week, so you will be able to practice the strokes in future classes. All the strokes taught during class are also shown in the hand-outs you will be given during the course for you to refer to at home.

What do I do if my baby starts to cry?
There might be times when doing the massage when your baby may begin to whimper or cry. The relaxation and security that your baby feels during massage time can be the perfect time for them to release their pent-up stress and emotions. Watching your baby's cues, holding, soothing and otherwise talking to your baby can go a long way towards affirming that you value and understand what your baby is telling you through his tears. It’s perfectly ok if your baby starts to cry during the class, just stop massaging for a while and do whatever you need to do. Most babies will have a cry at some point during the course, so please don’t panic if it happens to you!