Unique Baby Massage and Well-being Classes To Nurture Both Mum and Baby
Colic can be very distressing for parent and a baby. Parents may feel frustrated with their efforts to calm and soothe their babies but nothing seems to work,

There are solutions though that we can put in place to help relieve some of the pain for baby and help you feel more confident and empowered as a parent.

Here are a few things you can do...

- Giving your baby a relaxing massage releases a hormone called oxytocin (love hormone). Oxytocin is very powerful and produces waves of relaxation easing emotional distress for baby.

- Tummy massage, massage helps to strengthen the digestive system, relieve gas pain and constipation.
Positions, Try different positions and ways of moving. see which one baby prefers.
- White noise, download a white noise app, mimic the noise in the womb and babies feels comforted with familiar noises.

It's important to learn how to give your baby a massage so you can do it confidently and safely. To join one of baby massage classes please message my facebook page or contact Vanessa 07966004146
By Vanessa Carey
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