Unique Baby Massage and Well-being Classes To Nurture Both Mum and Baby


Sarah Bates Carterton
We loved the baby massage course. Vanessa is very friendly and easy to get along with and I felt I could ask any questions or talk about anything. Being a new mum, it was also great to meet other mums and get out to socialise. My little one seemed to become shy during the classes but Vanessa showed me a way to do it with having her on my knee. The massages really have helped her and I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone!
Reagan Bull Witney
Vanessa was great and I Loved how easy and natural the movements, she taught us, were. It was great to get out of the house and spend time with a fab group of mums.
Garry Taylor Witney
As a dad, I found the one-to-one private session extremely helpful and a great way to bond with Rex, even if my singing voice left a lot to be desired! Vanessa was very clear and instructive and I would highly recommend this for new dads.
Sally Britton Cassington
Really lovely baby massage sessions, helpful and relaxed environment. I'm a new mum and found this a friendly way to learn and talk to others mums.
Julia Collins
I had a 1 to 1 baby massage session with Vanessa. It was an informative and fun session in a relaxing environment. Vanessa had lots of help and advice especially for those of us with Colicky babies.